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248 Code Size UK Size EU PA2546 6 40 PA2547 7 41 PA2548 8 42 PA2549 9 43 PA2550 10 45 PA2551 11 46 PA2552 12 48 Leatherboard Insoles Cut and packed in pairs. Code Thickness Type OB2223 1.5mm T2000 OB2226 2mm T2000 OB2227 2.5mm T2000 Texon ® Cellulose Board Cellulose Board has generally good shoemaking and wear properties and can be used either as a stiff insole or inserted between the outsole and insole at the waist to reinforce the insole where additional rigidity is required. The ability of Cellulose insoles to absorb high levels of moisture is thought to be beneficial for foot comfort and is the main reason for widespread use of Cellulose. Sheet size: 1 x 1.5m. Aortha Non-Slip Soling Excellent slip resistance and lightweight. Formulated specifically for the Orthopaedic market. • Good abrasion resistance. • Lightweight. • Resilient. • Good compression set. • Excellent elasticity/flexibility. Sheet size: 100 x 90cm. Code Thickness Colour OG2765 1.5mm Black OG2764 2mm Black OG2763 2.5mm Black Leatherboard

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