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5 Medical grade PORON ® Urethane Top Cover, which reduces vertical pressures by 18% Gell cells independently react to downward pressure Gell cell construction disperses impact and promotes pumping effect "122 individual gel cells independently react to the foot striking the floor with differing levels of resistance and compression, creating a continuous pumping effect". Code Description Size SB2400 Duosoft Flow Universal (Trim to fit) References: ¹ Flavell, I. T., 2012. Does a Sofsole Ribbed Gell Insole improve the microcirculation of the foot during exercise?. [Unpublished]. ² Leber, C. & Evanski, P. M., 1986. A comparison of shoe insole materials in plantar pressure relief. Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 10(3), pp. 135-138. ³ Williamson, J. & Anthony, S., 2013. A Study to investigate the effect of Sofsole Silicone Gel Insoles on Plantar Pressure (kPa),. [Unpublished]. Product previously referred to as Sofsole Insole in studies. Universal Size Each pack comes with cut-to-size sizing chart Improved Oxygen Saturation A study has suggested that Duosoft Flow insoles maintained SpO ² oxygen saturation levels four times better than the standard therapeutic insoles. It is accepted by Diabetic Foot specialists that enhancing tissue oxygenation protects against tissue breakdown, hence preventing ulcers, sores and calluses. Indications for use: • Insensate feet – absent sensation • Help protect against ulcer formation • Arthritic foot conditions • Metatarsalgia • Plantar Fasciitis • Neuropathy • Morton's Neuralgia • Tired and fatigued feet Prevention Clinical Research: Orlin, M. N. & McPoil, T. G., 2000. Plantar Pressure Assessment. Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association, 80(4), pp. 399-409. Duffin, A. C., Kidd, R., Chan, A. & Donaghue, K. C., 2003. High Plantar Pressure and Callus in Diabetic Adolescents. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, 93(3), pp. 214-220.

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