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31 These life size replicas are great for both education and patient training. • The Original Diabetic Foot Model represents a foot with three ulcers in various stages of development as well as other features commonly associated with diabetes. • The Severe Diabetic Foot Model shows more severe consequences of diabetes including an amputated toe, Charcot foot deformity and severe infection and gangrene. • The Diabetic Half Foot replica shows the distal end of the foot with an invasive wound on the bottom of foot and surface inflammation around the big toe and second toe. Life-size foot made of soft, life-like material with flexible toes. Designed to facilitate podiatric training. Provides excellent training opportunities with a life-size foot until trainees build enough confidence to move on to real patients. The foot model also helps to demonstrate anatomical landmarks, foot assessment procedures, and other day-to-day treatments: • Trimming and clipping of toenails: thickened nail and ingrown nail • Trimming and removal of callosities • Trimming and removal of corns • Diabetic foot assessments • Injection training Diabetic Foot Models Foot Care Training Model Code Description NV3315 Diabetic Foot NV3316 Severe Diabetic Foot NV3312 Half Diabetic Foot Code Description NV3318 Replacement Parts Kit Code Description NV3317 Foot Care Training Model Trimming and clipping of toenails: Foot Care Training Model: Replacement Model Parts: Trimming and removal of the callosities: Diabetic foot assessment: Tactile pressure examination: Set Includes: Foot model with swivel stand Toenail A - (Ingrown) Toenail B - (Thickened) Callosity Corn Replacement Parts Kit: Toenail A - (Ingrown) Toenail B - (Thickened) Callosity Corn x 1 x 20 x 20 x 10 x 10 x 20 x 20 x 10 x 10 Diabetic Foot Model Severe Diabetic Foot Model Diabetic Half Foot Model Education

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