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3 IF DIABETES WERE A COUNTRY, IT WOULD BE THE 4 TH LARGEST IN THE WORLD. - IDF / 5. INDONESIA 1. CHINA 2. INDIA 3. USA 4. DIABETES EVERY 20 SECONDS, a limb is lost diabetes. DFCon11, Bakker (after Boulton), Boulton, The Lancet (cover), Nov. 2005 - The number of people with EVERY SINGLE NATION. People with a history of a diabetic foot ulcer have a 40% greater 10 year mortality than people with diabetes alone. - Iversen, et al, Diabetes Care, 2009 - Weck, et al, Cardiovascular Diabetology, 2013 - International Diabetes Federation / Instituting a structured diabetic foot program can yield a 75% reduction in amputation rates and a near four-fold reduction in inpatient mortality. Up to 25% of those with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer. - Singh, Armstrong, Lipsky. J American Medical Associaton 2005

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