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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... ® ...However, when you need the performance of PORON Urethanes, imitation materials can put your applications at serious risk! ® PORON brand Urethanes are manufactured ONLY by Rogers Corporation (USA) and Rogers Inoac Corporation (Japan, PRC). PORON Urethanes are a trademarked brand name for materials that offer significant benefits in a wide variety of high performance applications... that's why they are the materials of choice for can't-fail applications. ® When specifying PORON Urethanes - ask for it by name. ® A. Algeo Ltd are UK & Ireland representative for PORON Urethanes in the medical and footwear manufacturing sectors. For further product advice, support and pricing, please contact us. excellence in rehab supply A. Algeo Ltd (UK) Sheridan House Bridge Industrial Estate Speke Hall Road Liverpool, L24 9HB United Kingdom t: +44 (0)151 448 1228 f: +44 (0)151 448 1008 e:

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