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PORON 92 • Slow Memory • Ultra-Soft • Ultra-soft, custom contouring material with controlled energy return ® • PORON 92 rebounds slowly when compressed resulting in a custom fit each use PORON 94 • Slow Memory • Custom Contouring ® • A softer, lighter PORON with slower rebound, which allows for more even distribution of body weight over the foot's plantar surface • Offers fuller, richer underfoot cushioning PORON 4400 Permafresh • Antimicrobial • Performance grade, with antimicrobial protection ® • PORON Permafresh urethane doesn't just mask shoe odors, it stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria PORON 4000 Performance • Shock Absorbing • High-energy return and excellent impact absorption for demanding applications • Long lasting comfort PORON Dual Layer • Comfort & Cushioning • Combines the durability and shock absorbing qualities of 4000, with the softness and comfort of 94 • Provides contouring comfort with impact absorption PORON Gel • Antimicrobial • Gel Comfort ® • PORON 4000 laminated to a sliver lined polymer gel sheeting for ultimate user comfort • For appliance application where patient comfort and tolerance is a priority.

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