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Materials Adhesive Sundries TS Boy For keeping small quantities of adhesive fresh without spoiling. Three sizes available. Brushes are not included and should be purchased separately. Code Size PH1000 Mini Boy (0.4 Litre) PH1001 0.9 Litre PH1002 1.5 Litre Brushes for TS Boy - 10 Pack Code Size PH1018 Large Round PH1019 Small Round Plastic Dispenser Bottle Quality plastic spray tank designed for easy usage. Code Size PH1008 100ml Hirschkleber Craft Paste A craft paste for fixing the inner leather lining to the shoe's upper. Does not seal pores in leather so it always remains breathable. Code Size RA1019 0.6Kg RA1020 6Kg Metrotex 047 Starch paste adhesive. Code Size RA1010 500ml RA1016 1 Litre Cork Bottom Filler Commonly used to fill the bottom cavity of shoes in a fast and easy application. Code LA1001 Size 1 Litre For technical advice, please visit 193

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