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Foot Impression Sheets flat Foot impression sheets can dynamically identify foot type in less than 60 seconds. All your patient needs to do is step on and off this unique 'pressure sensitive paper' high arch This simple walking motion provides you with a permanent foot imprint for sizing and fitting your customer to just the right shoe - without messy inks or expensive computer software. The detailed print made on sheet is made visible on the pattern printed bottom sheet, so you can measure the areas of various pressure regions. A proper fitting shoe is essential for those customers with diabetes, particularly those with a high arch. If desired, outline these pressure areas with a water soluble ink marker. neutral zz Helps to ensure a better fitting shoe or foot orthotic. zz Offers the potential to identify serious foot problems. zz No messy inks or expensive computer software Code PA2936 Description 100 Sheet Pack Retractable Monofilaments Monofilaments are designed to test the loss of sensation in the feet of diabetic patients. zz Monofilaments are portable, practical, compact and easy to use. Ideal for the busy clinician. If a patient cannot feel a 10g monofilament then they must be considered to be at risk of developing a neuropathic ulcer. zz Monofilaments are unaffected by atmospheric moisture. zz zz Measures both diminishing and returning sensation, ideal for screening peripheral nerve impairment and detecting changes in neurological status. Code LA4891 Description 10g Monofilament Monofilaments resist damage, thus saving time and expense of replacing and recalibrating. Twin-Tip Dual combination diagnostic device for testing thermal discrimination and sensory perception. The sensations of touch and temperature in the foot have specific practical implications – for diabetics even more important – they are essential protective functions of the body. zz Essential protective functions of thermal (warm/cold) discrimination and sensory perception of the feet. zz Easily removable and disposable retractable 10g monofilament to avoid infectious cross contamination supplied with 100 replacement tips. zz Simple, safe, non-invasive, economical and rapid test of two important protective functions of the feet. Code LA4900 LA4907 Integrated retractable 10g monofilament Warm/cold discrimination device Description 10g Twin Tip Device Optional Cooling Stand Optional metal cooling stand For technical advice, please visit 3

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