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Diaped nippers feature rounded points, specially designed for people with diabetes to prevent skin and nail injuries. Pedicure Nipper Length: 5.5" - 14cm NV0045 Pedicure Corner Nipper Length: 5.5" - 14cm NV0046 Front Nail Nipper Length: 5.5" - 14cm NV0042 Corner Nipper Flame Length: 4.5" - 11.5cm NV0040 Front Nail Nipper Flame NV0043 Front Nail Nipper Half Cut Corner Nipper Flame Length 5.11" - 13cm NV0044 NV0041 Specialist Nippers Range zz The only cutting parts are the ultra fine blades. zz The material provides maximum hygiene and sterilisation. zz The range is designed to avoid any damage to the patient. All outside edges and corners are rounded with no angles. The tip is rounded. It doesn't harm the skin. Top Grip Burrs zz Smoothly polished exteriors. zz The highest quality of stainless steel for high temperatures in the autoclave. For shortening nails. zz Only the front end is diamondcoated. zz M inimum risk of injury. Code NV2168 Description Specialist Bur For technical advice, please visit 15

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