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159 Casting Accessories Foot Impression Boxes Used in large quantities throughout the Orthotic industry, these Phenolic foam boxes are a quick and easy to use tool to give impression of the patients foot. Usage: • Patient places foot on foam and presses down, in a neutral or weight bearing position as required. Code Depth Qty Price SA0451 40mm Carton of 25 $99.00 SA0452 55mm Carton of 25 $130.00 40mm 55mm Keller Foot Bath & Liners Multicast Cast Covers A simple solution in the effort to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and other infectious disease through the use of foot tubs. once the session is over you simply drain the water, throw the liner out and insert a new liner. The Multicast cast covers are fantastic for helping keep your cast dry when you need to bath or shower. Features: • Easy to take off and put on, making bathing easy. • Latex-free diaphragm inside plastic ring creates a watertight seal. • Vinyl body of protector keeps cast or bandage dry. Code Description Price NV5005 Keller Foot Bath $32.90 NV5006 Foot Bath Liners (80) $87.90 Foot Bath Liners Code Size Price PX1006 Foot/Ankle - 11" $13.90 PX1008 Short Leg - 23" $15.90 PX1010 Long Leg - 42" $23.90 PX1016 Child Medium Leg - 18" $13.90 PX1018 Child Large Leg - 31" $15.90

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