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117 EVA Materials Code Thickness Colour Price ON1313 3mm Blue $20.00 ON1316 6mm Blue $30.00 ON1317 10mm Blue $50.00 ON1318 12mm Blue $60.00 ON1323 3mm Red $20. 00 ON1326 6mm Red $30. 00 ON1327 10mm Red $50. 00 ON1328 12mm Red $60. 00 ON1303 3mm White $20. 00 ON1306 6mm White $30.00 ON1310 10mm White $50. 00 ON1312 12mm White $60. 00 A20 Very low density EVA is a versatile, hard wearing material with very good abrasion resistant properties making it ideal for orthotic linings, insole covers and prosthetic covers. This extremely soft material has good rebound properties, making it a good choice for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Mouldable etween 120°C and 140°C, with an oven time of 2 minutes per mm. Sheet Size: 200cm x 100cm. Applications: • Low density insoles. • Top cover for insoles 3mm or 6mm. • Insoles, AFO lining, KAFO lining and DAFO lining. • Suitable for CAD-CAM milling. • Good for patients who suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions. Processing Notes: • Very soft material most commonly used for lining insoles. • Used as a pad on an insole or AFO to relieve pressure. • Easy to mould and has more durability than Plastazote ® . aortha Very Low Density EVA 120 A25 = 150 A35 = 210 A50 = 340 A65 = 470 Density (kg/m³)

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