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83 Educational Tools Diabetic Foot Models From left to right: • The original Diabetic Foot Model represents a foot with three ulcers in various stages of development. • The Severe Diabetic Foot Model shows more severe consequences of diabetes including an amputated toe, Charcot foot deformity and severe infection and gangrene. • The Diabetic Half Foot replica shows the distal end of the foot with an invasive wound on the bottom of Code Type Price NV3315 Diabetic Foot $450.00 NV3316 Severe Diabetic Foot $450.00 NV3312 Half Diabetic Foot $220.00 Anatomical Foot Models 3 Part Foot Muscle Model with Removable Parts Algeos foot models can be used to teach the anatomy of the foot and the various foot types. Illustrated are models of: This life size model is composed of 3 parts. The plantar the underlying network of muscles, tendons, vessels and nerves. A deeper plantar dissection allows observation of the dorsal dissection shows ligaments, nerves and vessels. Code Type Price NV3306 Normal Foot - Rigid Plastic $94.90 NV3307 Flat Foot - Rigid Plastic $94.90 NV3308 High Arched Foot - Rigid Plastic $94.90 NV3322A Pack of 3 Models - Rigid Plastic $320.90 Code Size Price NV3303 22 x 12 x 8cm $450.00

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