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2 Introduction to Physioworx Physioworx is a new and exciting brand offering high quality, affordable, fun and easy to use products to help with the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy process. By researching what our customers want we have been able to supply a comprehensive range to the markets requiring Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation with improved, high quality and affordable products. Products in the Physioworx range have been developed to: •Improve recovery times •Increase patient movement and mobility •Help promote strength and flexibility •Prevent injury Physioworx is a member of the ALG Group which is owned by the Sheridan Family and was established to bring together our international subsidiaries (Algeos UK, Algeos Australia, Algeos USA, Algeos India and Algeos Middle East) and manufactured brands (Aortha; Podotech; Multicast; Diaped; Nova; Physioworx and Bodytonix). ALG has almost 100 employees across the world who work as a tight unit to provide the highest possible service and quality to our large customer base of clinicians technicians, end users, patients and distributors. Within the ALG family we have Podiatrists, Orthotists, Prosthetists, Therapists and Engineers to offer the best training, education and service we can provide. This brochure offers a one stop shop for general Physio and Rehab equipment for home and supervised use. Physioworx products are manufactured to a high standard and are great value for money. The range consists of; strengthening aids, resistance therapy, exercise aids, balance therapy, massage therapy, electrical therapy and much more. We pride ourselves in the products we offer, making them fun, easy to use, competitively priced and of high quality. Many of our products are supported by full product usage documentation and exercise advice.

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